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Don’t ya just love when something fantastical happens from a rather regular task? In late August after I was able to secure a second shoot with Jordyn, I’d anticipated running it pretty quickly, but then this sexperience happened, and I knew by the end of the shoot that I would be running it this weekend for ClubAmateurUSA’s 17th anniversary weekend.

This video is quintessential CAUSA after a 17-year revolution!

Last night while editing this video, I stopped & sent the following Skype to the Badpuppy team, Mr. Bill & Jeff:

Huh… Sitting here working on “CAUSA 701 Jordyn – 17 Years!” and thought about Gracen’s first video, CAUSA 501, in June of 2015.

“If one guy defined ClubAmateurUSA videos & the CAUSA massage table sexperience in the first 500 videos, it was Geoff, and today, I believe defining the next era & the next 500 videos, Gracen is our guy.”

Still rather poignant & ringing true five years later.

CAUSA 501 Gracen

Five years after Gracen’s CAUSA debut, he’s still the most requested, most tweeted, & most wanted model.

In that regard, today, Jordyn takes us to the next level. Beyond his pulsing penis when the Magic Wand rests on his prostate, Jordyn’s sustained Linda Blair Eyerolls is the stuff of site legends.


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

Originally published: Friday, October 2, 2020



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