CAUSA 501 Gracen

causa.fwGracen | 30 | 6’2″ | 170# | 9.5″ | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


Where do I begin… So many thoughts wafting through my brain since this shoot a couple of days ago…

If one guy defined ClubAmateurUSA videos & the CAUSA massage table sexperience in the first 500 videos, it was Geoff, and today, I believe defining the next era & the next 500 videos, Gracen is our guy.

During the post-massage dialog, I got a little choked up when comparing Geoff’s first time to Gracen’s — the similarities are beyond heartening. Here we have two young men from very diverse backgrounds who had one thing in common — having faced mortality during combat tours in the US military in the context of two wars. Today, they now have in common a first-time sexperience that redefined Geoff’s sexuality, and I believe, will redefine Gracen’s, moving forward.

As with Geoff, from the first run of my fingertips along Gracen’s exquisitely defined body, the nerve endings across his entire body were on fire. I don’t ever recall witnessing another full-body “goose bumps” moment. In that moment & throughout the next hour, Gracen was lit up light the proverbial Christmas tree.

What I did not realize until he told me afterward, with every fiber of his beautiful being, Gracen fought to stave off premature ejaculation from the very moment that my hands caressed his taut, brown skin… A sight to behold.

At an hour & 43 minutes, there’s not much that I left out of this edit. As I’ve said before, there’s a trinity to my content, and this video with Gracen exemplifies that concept.

Speaking of… After the shoot was completed, Gracen composed himself, and we were sitting & chatting, he asked me, “What is the big picture here? I’m trying to understand.”

I pointed to the studio room and said, “What just happened in that room is the ‘big picture’. What you just experienced is what it’s all about. You & I do not know just how many lives may be changed, literally all over the world, because of what you just shared with all of us, and someone who sees this video may personally identify with your life’s journey.”

As I said to Gracen & I’ve always said, I’m changing the world one straight guy at a time.

When that guy leaves after his first-time sexperience, he will be a different person when he sits in his church pew, enters the voting booth, engages with his wife or girlfriend. His definition of a “man” & what it means to live an authentic life will have been redefined.

Gracen simply replied, “Wow, man, that’s beautiful.”

And Gracen is also beautiful inside & out, and I’ve no doubt that you all will want to continue with Gracen on his journey of sexploration. This, his first video, is the penultimate expression of ClubAmateurUSA content.


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