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Well, the big 5-5 happens on Thursday, so I’m taking a little time off, and thus, I decided to run a CUMpilation this weekend with one of CAUSA’s most prolific & favorite guys, Ian, from the first five years of ClubAmateurUSA. Over the course of close to two years, Ian appeared in seven scenes — including his (and Tristan’s) first time giving oral to another guy. And here we go…

CAUSA 069 – A Rub & A Tug (September 2004)

Ian first contacted me on our favorite sex and swingers’ site a few months ago while he was still living in a major Midwest metropolitan city. He stated that he would be moving to the Valley of the Sun in late summer. The day before he was leaving his home city, Ian emailed once again just to let me know that he would be in town, shortly, and was definitely interested in participating in a video.

So, a week after his arrival, Ian and I sat down to review the contracts and releases and to show him some of our videos for content context. After I explained to him that for his first video he would be participating in an erotic massage, I showed him Liam’s massage video to give him an idea of what would be happening and what I was looking for from him. Typically, after a few minutes of showing a potential model a few scenes from our videos, I will pull out the digital camera and get a few shots of them progressively disrobing. I had to smile when Ian dropped his jeans and there was a big ol’ precum spot on his underwear. That’s always a good sign… LOL

We finished up taking still images, and Ian redressed. As we’re standing as my desk waiting for Liam to cum on the video, he asked, “do you only give massages on video?” Uh…huh… I knew exactly what that question was leading to…

Yup… Ian was raring to go and didn’t want to wait two days to take a spin on the infamous massage table. I agreed to give him a taste of what would take place on video (well, duh!), and that’s when I discovered Ian’s affinity for being penetrated.

Carrying that knowledge forward into our shoot two days later, I made sure to capitalize on that information. This is the first video that I’ve shot where the guy orgasms while I was fingering his butt and stroking his cock at the same time.

It’s definitely hot to see, so enjoy Ian’s “A Rub and A Tug”!

P.S. I decided to leave in the video the moment when we were interrupted by FedEx knocking on my door. Picture it: My left hand is buried up Ian’s ass and my right hand is stroking his throbbing cock when, “KNOCK! KNOCK!! KNOCK!!!” Given the time of day, I knew that it was FedEx because I was anticipating the arrival of the VAIO Recovery Media Kit from Sony. So, I sent Ian off to the bedroom and proceeded to greet the nice FedEx lady (cuz had it been a hunky FedEx guy, I would’ve invited him in 😉 with hands covered in massage oil and Vaseline! If you live in the old town area of Scottsdale and FedEx arrives, you might want to wipe down the electronic signature board and pen. LMAO!

CAUSA 075 – Round Two (November 2004)

Ian was first introduced to the site back in September — shortly after his arrival in the Valley of the Sun. Given his willingness to explore his sexuality on video, I knew that I wanted to bring him back for “Round Two.”

This past Saturday morning, I awakened and exclaimed, “Oh shit! I’ve got to shoot a video today for this week’s update!” Luckily, it was perfect timing when I phoned Ian.

Ian was readying for a 400+ person party that he was hosting that evening and welcomed the opportunity to earn a little extra cash. Two hours later, he was in my home and once again enjoying a little sexploration.

With a rock-solid cock and a phenomenal cumshot, it’s quite apparent the extent of his pleasure. So, I’m sure that you’ll enjoy Ian’s “Round Two” almost as much as he did.

CAUSA 097 – Boys & Their Toys (April 2005)

He’s BAAAAaaaack…

After almost six months since his last appearance on, Ian is back, and we’re going a step further by incorporating the slim-line vibrator into our play.

I have found that the “magic wand” is the perfect accompaniment to my “magic hands.” lol…

Nearly every guy on whom it has been used (on and off camera) has commented how much they love it. Ian is no exception.

After re-positioning him on all fours, you’ll hear him say, “I really like that thing.” That of course is obvious as I am bringing him up on all fours his erect cock drops a big load of precum onto the massage table. He likes it, eh? Ya think? lol…

I love the fact that Ian is one of the favored models on the site, and for all intents & purposes, he’s just an “Average Joe” who exudes amazing sex appeal. I receive quite a bit of positive feedback and requests to see more of him.

So, I’m pleased to welcome back Ian to the massage table!

CAUSA 129 – Double His Pleasure, Double My Fun (October 2005)

Ian made contact not too long ago, so I thought I’d bring him back in for another round. Evidently, he was a little wound up because after a couple of rubs across the magic button, Ian spontaneously ejaculated.

I brought him down off the table and casually asked Ian if he thought he could cum again. He answered in the affirmative, and back on the table he went.

About ten minutes later, I brought Ian to a second orgasm. DAYUM! I’m good! 😛

And so is Ian in his next CAUSA video.

CAUSA 135 – Giving… er… thanks! (November 2005)

Over the past several weeks, Tristan and Ian, separately, have continuously inquired about participating in a male:male oral video. I think they’ve both been jonesin’ to play around with another guy and need the excuse of making a video to do so. lol…

Ironically, I’ve been thinking about pairing the two of them for quite some time, so I finally made it happen.

And what a pairing it turned out to be…

Tristan was on the verge of orgasm about ten minutes into filming and stayed that way the rest of the shoot. That tends to be a bit of a logistical challenge… 😛

And as always, the best and surefire method to bring Ian to orgasm, is a little prostate massage. Ian’s “magic button” never fails him.

So, today I present Tristan and Ian giving… er… thanks!

Everyone have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy!

CAUSA 163 – Live Archive (June 2006)

Several months back, Ian participated in his one and only webcam show. We both had a lot of fun with it — as you’ll see and hear us throughout the video. But most importantly, I gave Ian the finger-fucking of his life!

Given my prior experience with Ian, I knew that he’d be… er… open to it, so I pushed the envelope with him, and this turn out to be quite the video!

CAUSA 169 – More with toys… (July 2006)

After Ian’s last video, I received quite a bit of feedback asking to see more of him and anal play. So, this time around, I pulled out the Falcon Manrammer and gave him quite a pounding.

I was hoping to get an involuntary ejaculation without manipulating Ian’s cock. Alas, I made the mistake of verbalizing my intent which in turn, focused Ian on trying to achieve that.

Next time, we’ll just do it without talking about it… Short of that though, this is a hot anal vid!


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

Originally published: Saturday, July 6, 2024

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