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I’ve been spending a lot of time on Reddit trying to recruit local guys, and to my rather pleasant surprise, last week, without me having to tell him where to go, what to read, & how to submit a model app, within a day of having viewed his profile & like his pix, suddenly in the JotForm Inbox appeared a new model app from Flynn.

When I messaged Flynn on Saturday morning to confirm our scheduled shoot for that afternoon, he promptly replied, and lo & behold, by 3:15 that afternoon, he was sliding onto the CAUSA massage table.

Wait. What? A proactive potential new model in 2024 who, actually, follows through on his commitment & shows up on time?! I think I just saw a pig fly through the aurora borealis! But yet, I digress… 😝

So, meanwhile, back on the massage table, within seconds of me leaning over to munch on Flynn’s pert little nipple, his cock was rock-fucking-hard! I knew based on his model app that Flynn said he was curious, but experience has shown me that this was next-level curious.

Although Flynn was rather reserved in his demonstrations of pleasure, even after I went in for direct prostate stimulation his cock did not recede. Given that this was all a first-time sexperience for him, I didn’t want to push Flynn too far outside of his comfort zone.

Once I had him face up, I rather expected that Flynn would be a Quick Draw McGraw once the oral & edging really got going, but again, to my surprise, Flynn hung in there. It wasn’t until I was ready for him to cum that I realized what was going on when I brought him to orgasm, but there was no ejaculation.

Flynn had to pee. lol

So, I sent him on his way to relieve his bladder, and within minutes of him returning to the table, Flynn blew a load so intense & with such velocity that it spewed six feet over his head & landed on the pillows & wall behind him!


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

Originally published: Saturday, May 11, 2024

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