CAUSA 761 Sean Duran

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HALLELOO! Finally, one of two on my CAUSA Bucket List, Sean Duran, slides onto the ClubAmateurUSA massage table! (Dean Phoenix is the other guy on the list.)

Per chance, I saw that Sean was in Arizona. So, I tracked down Badpuppy Bill who’s on summer sabbatical with his husband, Steven. Bill was able to track down FabScout Howard who got me in touch with Sean, and a few days later, Sean was sliding on.

Sadly, Sean was in a top-only phase (most likely due to the long-term partner with whom he is moving to AZ), so unfortunately, I didn’t get to give Sean the full-meal-deal. But regardless, Sean was engorged & throbbing throughout filming, and his flaring nostrils were certainly one of Sean’s tells.


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

Originally published: Saturday, August 20, 2022


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