CAUSA 759 Jasper

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While his pulsing, perfect, pretty penis was Jasper’s most obvious tell, it was somewhat of a challenge for me to get a read on him, and a day after this shoot, I’m still not clear as to what was Jasper’s modus operandi. A new recruit from SexyJobs who was new to that site & initiated contact with me, while I appreciated his proactive & professional approach, Jasper’s energy & authenticity were elusive to my super-power — either my Spidey-senses were off or Jasper has his Spidey-blocker on. 😉

But as I said, the one thing that wasn’t vexing to me — whether face down or face up, was Jasper’s throbbing BBC. And as I also mentioned, I noted, both in his digital images & while on the table, Jasper’s junk is pretty & pretty much perfect. 🍆

Since that would be a big, beautiful, Black cock, would that, in turn, make it a BBBC or B3C? 😋

P.S. Once the cameras stopped rolling, Jasper was sufficiently chastised for taking control of his B3C right before ejaculation & orgasm. As I explained to him, if he’s getting himself off, that defeats the point of shooting my content, and he might as well be shooting a solo as far as you members are concerned. Jasper was appropriately apologetic, and should he return for a second shoot in a couple of months, Jasper promises to let go of control. #LetGoLetCasey LOL!


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

P.P.S. Please forgive the finger cot. Last weekend, the upper knuckle on that finger met with a falling Dell XPS while I was moving it to dust. Immediately afterward, there was a bit of a clicking feeling within the knuckle, and 24-hours later, the whole finger was swollen to twice its normal size & purple from stem to stern. I figured the cot would be a better look on camera versus my mangled finger. Thankfully, as I iterated to a friend on Wednesday, it wasn’t my “Pussy Finger.” (Yes, I’m aging myself via a reference to “Saturday Night Fever”. 🕺🏻)

Originally published: Saturday, July 30, 2022


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