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Going all the way back to October 2003 & the ClubAmateurUSA for this week’s CAUSA Classic CUMpilation, we have our original Silver Daddy, Matt!

Sadly, as of Monday the 11th, I’m several years Matt’s senior than he was when he shot his first video for us. And in 2022, Matt is now 64 years young. I’d love to see this hunky Silver Daddy today.

CAUSA 005 – A Rub & A Tug

Well, well, well…but of course, Matt is another recruit from our favorite swingers site. When he first came to us, he shared that he was bi-curious. Given our more recent experience filming Matt, that was definitely an understatement — but you’ll have to wait to learn more about that… 😉

Matt, definitely, set the stage during his erotic massage that great things were to…uhm…er…cum. From the minute filming began, he got completely into the massage and completely into performing. And as you will see, CB got completely into Matt’s arse. lol…

Yet, we digress once again… Take a deep breath and click on your favorite media format to watch Matt’s rub and a tug. <whew>

CAUSA 017 – M Cubed

Matt, Max, & Michelle (get it? M Cubed 😉 were brought together to participate in a little oral action amongst the three of ’em. Matt is older and built like a brick sh*t house while Max is younger and somewhat waifish (well, except for that thing between his legs). And Michelle is somewhere in between age wise and is quite nicely built.

All three were adult video virgins, and as such, each one responds differently to his / her feelings of anxiety. Matt got a little too excited by the scene and came a little bit early, whereas Max, took a bit longer to relax and just enjoy the sensations of two people workin’ him over.

Michelle continuously whispered sweet nothings in the guys’ ears, and dayum, did that do the trick! Wouldn’t we all love to know what she was sayin’… 😛

CAUSA 029 – Big Daddy, Matt, & Nina

When we first met with Big Daddy, we knew that working with him would be a hoot and a half, and as you’ll see from a few moments in today’s update video, that he is.

Big Daddy is married & looking to explore his sexuality.

After Matt’s first video shoot with us, we wanted to work with him again. When he showed up, I pulled him aside to discuss what we were hoping to shoot and if he was comfortable with receptive anal. Well, come to find out, Matt wasn’t completely up front with us during our initial interview. He wanted to work with us a bit and make sure that he was comfortable before admitting that he thoroughly enjoys being on bottom. So, I was thrilled to hear this — knowing that we were about to shoot a hot video with Matt, Big Daddy, and Nina.

Nina has been in the business for a while & is great to work with. She knows how to really drive the guys to much more sexual interaction on video than they originally planned on. Nina also brought along her bag of toys, and Big Daddy got to do a little bottoming, himself. This is a scorcher.

CAUSA 081 – Santa Cums Early

The video that & the man who launched an annual series:

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I am going to let the picture to the right speak for this week’s video update.

We’ve not seen Matt since October of last year, and he is my most requested / commented about model.

When I envisioned the holiday video update, I thought about Matt as my little surprise gift to all of you.

So, I hope you enjoy Matt’s return to

Have a safe & happy holiday season.


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

Originally published: Saturday, July 9, 2022


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