CAUSA 746 Ashton Sin

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Ashton Sin first slid onto the CAUSA massage table in July 2019, and at that time, I kinda felt like he was putting on a performance & not really having an authentic sexperience. Additionally, his energy at the time was in a dark place.

So, fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was approached on SexyJobs by a new profile with pix attached & the message, “Remember me?” I studied the images for several moments, and then, BAM! “Holy shitballs! That’s Ashton!” I didn’t even recognize.

Since July 2019, Ashton has discovered a new passion in his life: bodybuilding, and boy howdy, it shows! And also, additionally, he’s in a much better / happier space mentally & emotionally. So, I agreed to bring him back for a second shoot.

Now, back to my original concern regarding the authenticity of his participation…

Once again, we got into the massage, and Ashton was giggling & wiggling, and after I flipped him face up, it was enough of a distraction to me that I knew it would be for all of you, as well. So, I paused & directed Ashton to focus inward, “Go your happy place. I want a natural experience.”

And lo & behold, within five minutes, Ashton was rock solid & blowing his load.


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

Originally published: Saturday, March 5, 2022


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