COVID Strikes

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Well, after almost two years of avoiding the plague, literally, it finally got me.

Saturday morning, I woke up to what felt like sandpaper in my throat & chest. I knew that that wasn’t a good sign, and feeling fatigued, I laid back down. Early afternoon, I snagged a rapid test from a friend who lives around the corner from me, and in less than a half hour, my suspicions were confirmed.


My first thought was, “Oh, joy! Okay, now what?”

In terms of counsel, thankfully, one close friend is a pharmacist & another close friend recently recovered from the Omicron variant. So, I touched base with both & received my marching orders: Zinc, Quercetin, Mucinex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Electrolytes, & lots of water to stay hydrated.

By early Saturday evening, my fever spiked to 101.1; my dry cough was much more pronounced, and the nasal drip was pretty constant.

By Saturday night, it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest while a four-alarm fire burned inside that chest — with aches & pains randomly all over my body. Given my co-morbidities, that was definitely the most concerning time. Thank gawd for the technology, my Apple Watch, that allowed me to monitor my heart’s blood oxygen level, beats per minute, & sinus rhythm.

My blood oxygen level usually hovers right around 95%, so I was a little alarmed when it dropped to 88%.

Tonight (Sunday), it appears as though my body is on the mend. Although I’m much more fatigued tonight, from my latest readings, my BPM was 80, sinus rhythm is still good, my blood oxygen was up to 98%, and my fever has dropped down to 98.9.

I share all of this with you just so you’ll know what you might can expect if per chance COVID / Omicron infects you.

I am thrice Pfizer vaccinated (and will be in line for the fourth as soon as it is available), and my greatest peace of mind came from that knowledge & having the ability to monitor my heart in real-time via my Apple Watch.

I have the latest CAUSA update about 70% done & will finish up when the COVID fog & fatigue lift in the next day or two.

Please, everyone, try to stay safe & healthy out there. Mask up & get the jabs!

All my best,
CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

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