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Noob Jesse comes to us from Twitter by way of SexyJobs, and he saved my bacon when the originally scheduled model (no longer a potential noob) no-showed & ghosted me (thus, the late delivery of this update). Always. Herding. Cats.

Sometimes the universe delivers even better than was was anticipated & exptected. Jesse’s last-minute fill-in turned out to be a rather phenomenal CAUSA sexperience.

Now, in terms of our post-massage dialogue, I believe that Jesse’s straight-boy-that-felt-too-good response kicked in. We’ve all seen it here at CAUSA for dayum-near 18 years.

While speaking of his sexperience, Jesse made clear that he was proactively thinking about making good content during the massage & shoot, Jesse’s face throughout the shoot, both face up & face down, tells a completely. different. story.

I must say that when your O-face is one of pure joy & not one of some demonic possession, I know that the last 19 years & my life’s work have not been spent in vain. (Wait. Stop. Hold it. Uhm… Haven’t I spent the last 19 years intentionally invoking “Linda Blair” eye rolls? The very epitome of demonic possession. But yet, once again. I. Digress.)


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

Originally published: Saturday, July 31, 2021


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