Classic CAUSA 111 Dallas

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It’s somewhat fitting with this week’s Classic that the week turned into techno-hell.

Ten years ago (good grief!), when Lisa at Badpuppy reached out to me to see if I wanted to return to producing CAUSA, their director of I.T. purchased all of the parts for me, and I built my own video editing computer. And she was workhorse — running, pretty much 24 / 7 over the past ten years. But note the word “was.”

Tuesday morning, I awakened to the old gray mare not quite what she used to be when she no longer recognized my color laser printer. So, I tried a couple of fixes & rebooted.

Upon reboot… SPARKS! SMOKE! The motherboard fried & died before my eyes.

I was up the next 72 hours straight (with a few short cat naps here & there) setting up an old Dell XPS that hadn’t been booted since 2016, re/installing all of my software, recovering data, & living my technology nightmare. If it could go wrong, it did. I said to a friend, “I don’t know what technology gods I pissed off, but I’ll make like Ted Haggard, falls to my knees, and beg for mercy & forgiveness!”

The Badpuppy update was delayed three days, and this update was pushed back, as well, because here’s the thing…

For those of us of an age, we recall back in the day memorizing family & friends’ phone numbers because there were no smart phones — only smart people. As I said to the Badpuppy Team on Friday night:

So, when you’ve got your deliverables down to a science, and all of your saved shortcuts, bookmarks, & profiles that facilitate the art of achieving your daily goals & accomplishments suddenly disappear, talk about about learning how to tread the proverbial waters, again…

Literally, I spent ten minutes in WinSCP trying to figure out where I need to drop all of the content without my saved bookmarks.

Thankfully, those four years I spent away from ClubAmateurUSA from December 2008 to July 2011, I spent inside desktops, laptops, operating systems, & all sorts of sundry hardware & peripherals.

With that in mind, let’s jump all the way back to July 21, 2005 when I filmed Dallas for the first time. As you’ll soon read in the original storyboard, Dallas was loaded for proverbial bear, and shortly into the shoot, he ejaculated without orgasming, and not shortly thereafter, he then sexperienced an accidental orgasm.

So, here’s a little secret…

When you watch this week’s Classic with Dallas, note that we go from him face down to him face up, and then we move to Dallas on all fours & then on his knees. Well, since he ejaculated & orgasmed way to early into the shoot (when he was on all fours & his knees), I told Dallas to flip onto his back, and we’d keep going (like I still do today). Of course, as with nearly all of the other guys who’ve cum too soon, I anticipated another cumshot from Dallas. But when it became evident that it wasn’t going to happen, I decided to end the shoot & do a little fancy footwork with the editing.

Gotta have the right continuity in terms of cumshots & the end of adult content. lol

And with that, I present to y’all, once again, Dallas from July 2005:

When Dallas arrived for this shoot, I was excited to see him at my door since the images I had seen of him did not do him justice. Evidently, Dallas was even more excited than I.

Shortly into filming, Dallas had his first near mishap and left a puddle of spooge on the massage table.

About five minutes later, Dallas went beyond and had a spontaneous ejaculation.

I guess it’s the cross I have to bear being so good at what I do… LOL (tongue planted firmly in cheek — my own in this moment). 😛

So, enjoy Dallas’ quick appearance on CAUSA!


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

Originally published: Saturday, July 24, 2021


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