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Demarcus first appeared on AFF back in April. Per my usual, I liked his pix, and moved on. Not too long thereafter, I wasn’t seeing him login. So, when he recently re-appeared on the site, I shot him an email, and Demarcus responded that he was interested. Throughout the final days leading up to our scheduled shoot, I noted that he was a one or two-word kinda guy. Not very expressive.

Fast forward to Demarcus arriving for his shoot, and once we had the documentation completed, I began talking him through the process. When I mentioned the post massage interview, I watched Demarcus visibly recoil, and then he verbally responded. As soon as I heard his stutter, it was then that I understood why. Immediately, I told him not to worry about it. I’d figure out another way for him to answer my questions.

During filming, I continually thought about how I would handle the interview. So, after the massage, I stepped away from the camera & began asking my questions. I wanted Demarcus’ focus to be on me & not the stress of interviewing on video, per se. Soon, he relaxed, and with only a couple of moments wherein Demarcus got a little tongue-tied, overall, the conversation was relaxed & non-consequential in terms of his original concern.

Afterward, as I continued to reflect on this new experience for us both, one thought repeatedly bounced around in my head — this is a teaching moment for both me & all of you.

Since our president stutters, as well, I believe that Demarcus should feel no shame or embarrassment. He’s a beautiful young man with awesome energy & a smile that lights up the room. His particular challenge in no way lessens Demarcus’ sexiness.

So, this weekend as I slide into 52 on Sunday, Demarcus slides onto the CAUSA massage table. While he self identifies as a bi-top, Demarcus’ prostate palpitated & his penis pulsed, down below, and up above, Demarcus’ eyes rolled up & his mouth salivated when I milked his prostate.

Given that it was only Demarcus’ third time to be penetrated, I do believe that he may change his identification from “bi-top” to “bi-vers.”


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

Originally published: Saturday, July 10, 2021


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