Classic CAUSA 187 Shamus

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Firstly, an update on new models & content for the next couple of weeks…

Fingers crossed, I have two new guys coming into town on Tuesday to collab for their respective OnlyFans. Currently, I’m scheduled to capture them for CAUSA, individually, on Tuesday afternoon. I’ll then be working diligently to bring one of them to you in an update on Friday morning, and the second will prop next week. For the first time since July 2019, I am, actually, getting out of the Valley for the extended Memorial weekend. WOO to the HOO!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, here’s what I had to say about barely legal, four-alarm fire-crotch, cute, Ginger, twink Shamus way back in December 2006:

When Shamus first contacted me a couple of weeks back on my favorite sex and swingers site, with one look at his pix, I knew that wanted to capture him on video right away. I’ve been searching for a cute red head for a loooooooong time! And I’m tellin’ ya… That red hair… those blue eyes… WOOF!

Shamus is admittedly interested in exploring his natural curiosities, and at ClubAmateurUSA, explore we shall!

Once again, another youngin’ graces the CAUSA massage table having lesser expectations of a rub & tug than the actual reality of the experience. And once again, the involuntary body spasms, moaning, grunting, and groaning told a different story. Oh, and watch Shamus, literally, gripping & holding onto the table as his physical pleasure becomes more and more intense.

I’m definitely looking forward to a lot more shoots with this hottie red head!


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

Originally published: Saturday, May, 22, 2021


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