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Many years later, Dave is still one of my faves — not only for his smokin’ swimmer’s build, but also, for his genuine authenticity.

Having looked him up via social media, today at 43, Dave looks exactly the same as he did at 26 in February 2004 when this was filmed — except for the silver hairs now peppered throughtout his dark, brown locks, and maybe a little more bulge in his biceps. He may be ClubAmateurUSA’s Dorian Gray.

Today, he owns his own business in the chosen industry in which he was working when we met, and aside from a recent LTR, appears to be still single, no kids.

Setting aside that I would gladly welcome his return to the CAUSA massage table more than 15 years after his last shoot with me, here’s what I had to say about this shoot almost 17 years ago in November 2004:

Dave and I connected from the moment he arrived for his preliminary interview back in January. He’s a pretty dayum cool, laid-back kinda guy. We chat a couple of times a week just to shoot the shit and get caught up on each other’s happenings in our lives.

Since that first meeting and the subsequent Q&A before his Rub & A Tug, I’ve been wanting to film Dave’s sexploration. I think he’s one helluva hottie and the perfect candidate to document his progression from zero male sexual interaction (actual male~male contact) to the erotic massage and now, oral servicing — to the eventual male~male~female video shoot (we have two MMFs and one MM shoot scheduled for Sunday, March 21 :). So, I presented the idea to Dave…

Since Dave liked the idea of a video demonstration of his sexual progression, I began thinking about who I would bring in to service him. Well, my business partners and I met several weeks ago to talk about spicing things up to provide other content besides the erotic massages. Of course, we have to do this within the financial limitations of current incoming revenue. Suffice it to say, my female business partner will be making appearances in our MMF videos as she takes on the female facilitator role to move these men along in their sexploration with each other, and as you saw with last week’s video update, I will be providing a little oral servicing here and there when there is an established trust between a male model and myself. As with Dave, Joshua and I stay in regular contact, so he & I have a similar bond.

I think for myself, the most important thing beyond providing the membership with high-quality, hot content, is making sure that the models are comfortable with their choice to participate in adult, amateur videos — and are comfortable with me.

I took it as the highest of compliments when at the end of this video shoot with Dave, he said that he was happy that his first time (being serviced by a guy) was with me because he is comfortable around me. I, thoroughly, appreciated him saying that…

So, yeah… This is another first-time experience on CAUSA. Coupled with the first time of being blown by a guy, this is also the first time that Dave has ever been rimmed by anyone (regardless of gender). Remembering our discussion during his previous Q&A, I most definitely wanted to provide him with that experience.

I think you’ll enjoy Dave’s first time at the rodeo, and members, please forgive a couple of bad camera angles. This is a learning process for me being both the director and a participant at the same time. 😋


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

Originally published: Saturday, January 23, 2021


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