Classic CAUSA 201 Dexter

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I’ve not heard from Dexter since his last return in July 2014, and when I was reviewing who to run for this week’s Classic, I was a bit surprised that I’d not run Dexter’s first shoot for CAUSA since not only did he sexperience direct prostate stimulation for his first time, but Dexter also had two orgasms within 15 minutes of being face up on the table.

I’d, also, forgotten just what a juicy booty Dexter is sportin’, and here’s what I had to say about Dexter & this shoot way back in March 2007:

I’ve been chatting with Dexter since before the site launched in October 2003. He scheduled a couple of appointments and no-showed, and finally last week when I contacted him, Dexter was ready to take the plunge.

Other than DP-ing a chick with a buddy, Dexter has had no sexual interaction with another guy — but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t thought about it…

Dexter was ready from the word go when this shoot began. Knowing that he’s penetrated himself at home with his own fingers, I thought that I would show him what a real prostate massage feels like. Needless-to-say, he was on the verge of popping several times during that stage of the shoot (and he left a big ol’ precum puddle on the sheet).

But what was truly telling just how much Dexter had anticipated that day and that moment when another man explored his body and allowed Dexter to sexplore his curiosity, was shortly after laying him on his back on the CAUSA massage table, Dexter couldn’t hold back and unexpectedly popped his first load. Yes, I said first… Because nine minutes later, I brought him to his second. šŸ˜€


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. Ā©

Originally published: Saturday, December 26, 2020


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