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At the end of October’s 17th birthday / anniversary celebration, I decided to introduce a potential new series on ClubAmateurUSA due to a few reasons. Firstly, as the spike in COVID-19 cases & deaths ravage the U.S. across 47 states, we’re returning to the period where in-person filming is, again, called into question. Putting myself & others at risk, does not feel the most appropriate choice. And once again, moving forward, I will make that decision on a day by day, week by week, guy by guy basis. Secondly, it is November 1st, and with two days to go before the November general election, I am mentally & emotionally exhausted. Thirdly, this solo / “On the Road” with Camden felt like an awesome way to navigate / mitigate / transcend my prior two points.

Since Camden’s first shoot, we’ve stayed in contact, and he’s been wanting to participate in a second video ever since his first. Then in March, COVID happened. We went into lockdown with me here in AZ & Camden back home in WI. After the lockdowns were lifted, AZ remained the highest per capita infection rate, globally, and I’d made the choice to not film with anyone who had been out of state within the prior two weeks from filming & whose job or personal choices made them much more vulnerable to infection. Camden fell into the first classification, so we delayed scheduling a second shoot. AZ’s infection rate remained high while WI’s dropped significantly. Then, when Camden was scheduling travel, again, he was headed to GA. So, we weren’t able to work out a good scheduling fit.

At that time, we were running the “At Home” series on Badpuppy as a result of limited in-person production, globally. So, I asked Camden if he’d be interested, and he jumped at the opportunity. In lieu of running the scene on Badpuppy, the decision was made for me to hold back the shoots & run on ClubAmateurUSA as an alternative to a “Classic,” and that’s how “On the Road” was born.

I love Camden’s video because, for one, he’s a joy with whom to work, and two, it feels like a natural progression by giving all of you an opportunity to see the guys in their natural habitat, so to speak. And as I previously mentioned, the future uncertainty due to the pandemic may force some choices that I must make to keep everyone safe & healthy.

So, today, I’m thrilled to present to you Camden “On the Road,” wherein, he gives us two cumshots from two different hotel rooms. I edited this video to save the best cumshot for last because it is quintessential CAUSA. Camden sprayed his face, his hair, & over his head. It’s kinda like I was there directing his thick cock where to splooge. lol

On a personal note, Tuesday, November 3, is the most important & consequential election of my lifetime — most likely, of all of our lifetimes. If you’ve already voted, AWESOME! If you’ve filled out your ballot but haven’t turned it in, take it to an official drop-box IN PERSON (or choose a designee to do so if you’re unable). If you have not voted, on Tuesday, get your happy ass to the polls! This election must be an absolute blowout & landslide! And for those of you outside the States, please say a prayer / send positive energy our way that we will have the fortitude & wherewithal to change America’s trajectory for the better — away from hate, divisiveness, & violence and back toward inclusivity & equality regardless of gender, orientation, identity, race, religion, faith, ability, & politics. It’s all on the ballot on Tuesday.

Everyone stay safe & healthy, and I hope you enjoy Camden “On the Road.”

CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

Originally published: Sunday, November 1, 2020


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