CAUSA 699 Leeroy | Complete Scene

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Preview – Cumming back this weekend to #ClubAmateurUSA, #LeeroyJonesXXX.

“Is that a giant pickle in your compression shorts, or ya just happy to be sliding onto the #CAUSA massage table, again?”

It takes a lot (about 8″?) to leave me tongue-tied.

1 of 2 – This time around, I started with the CAUSA Magic Wand on Leeroy’s prostate, and then I switched to digital stimulation. Let’s just say that Leeroy stopped me because he felt like he needed to evacuate, but from my vantage point & from what I was feeling inside of Leeroy, I do believe that he was on the verge of an anal orgasm. The muscle contractions that he interpreted incorrectly, were actually contractions around his prostate. Next time, we’re goin’ for gold. 😛

2 0f 2 – I felt rather complimented at the end when Leeroy stated that he’d not had such an intense orgasm since the last time he slid onto the CAUSA massage table (in February). As you’ll see, soon after I slid my finger in & began massaging his prostate, Leeroy uttered two words, consecutively: “Fuuuuu…” & “…uuuuck.” And then Leeroy softly & repeatedly exhaled, “Don’t stop… Don’t stop…”


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

Originally published: Friday, September 4, 2020


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