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Preview – Giddy with anticipation to present CAUSA noob Foster Joad! Thank you, Reddit!

1 of 2 – Lions & tigers & bears, GRRRWOOF!

Tis interesting… In the 17 years of peddlin’ smut, I do believe that Foster is the first guy to slide onto the CAUSA massage table & allow me to introduce him to his authentic sexuality whom, afterward, I thought that I would like to see him in a MMF bisexual situation. So much so, that while scrolling through 129,000+ JPGs for this first half, I planned the whole thing out in my head, wherein, I throw a fiery Latina, an aggressively-gentle Black guy, & Foster onto a big ol’ bed with the cameras rolling, step back, & just see what transpires.

Things that make you go, “hhhhmmmm…”

Actually, things that make ya wanna make this happen. Uhm, should I start a GoFundMe for ClubAmateurUSA’s impending 17th anniversary & produce such a shoot. What aggressively-gentle Black guy would you want to see with Foster & a fiery Latina?

Anyhoo… I digress. Back to the hairy, hung, & HOT guy currently on the table…

So, a little over four weeks ago, I decided to venture onto Reddit & see if there were any guys who may be of consideration to slide on…

#GeezusMaryAndJoseph, that place is a smorgasbord! And interestingly enough, Foster’s was one of the first Reddit profiles that I encountered. So, imagine my surprise when four weeks later, suddenly, Foster messages me on Reddit to simply say:

Hey there, 23 M here in Scottsdale area interested in shooting with you

Stop. The. Presses.

And six days later, the rest, as they say, is history…

2 of 2 – Inherently, there’s something about Foster’s furtive glances & inquisitorial stares that tell me that Foster wasn’t completely forthright in our post-massage dialogue in terms of his authentic sexual expression — or wont thereof (see postscript).  As I’ve pondered over our conversation, Foster said that he’d a blowjob from a guy that, to me, doesn’t lead one to then question their sexual being. So, I’m thinkin’ there’s more there, there. 😛

Now, for this second half, I chose to edit with the change of the prostate vibrator at the end of the first half, and what happened after that, was a surprise for both Foster & me.

I don’t recall a previous CAUSA guy who tolerated such intense edging & direct corona stimulation — over & over & over & over, but Foster whimpered, bit his bottom lip, & took it like a champ.

And when we got to his orgasm & ejaculation, similar to that pink bunny, Foster Joad just kept blowing & blowing & blowing & blowing…


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

Originally published: Friday, August 28, 2020

Postscript, Sunday, September 6, 2020: A site member brought it to my attention that Foster Joad has already appeared on two other sites. I do apologize. It is never, ever, my intent to mislead you about any of the guys’ histories. Plainly stated, he lied to me, and he lied to you. That’s always unfortunate because honesty isn’t a disqualifier, but making me look a fool most definitely is.





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