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1 of 2 – With Lang’s second slide onto the CAUSA massage table, I still feel a bit like I’m being punked, and Lang still has no clear answer as to why he’s doing this. Our post-massage dialogue is interesting in that regard, and I was able to get Lang to smile a few times throughout the shoot. But at the end of the day, he is certainly the textbook definition of “always in control.”

And regardless of whatever Lang is willing to disclose, every man has a tell. Lang’s tell, in terms of this second shoot, is the fact that as soon as his skin is being caressed, his healthy endowment becomes engorged & tingling. The cock does not lie.

Now, regarding Lang’s time on the table…

Well, let’s just say that there was a funny moment shortly after the shoot began when Lang, again, was clenching his butt. I stopped massaging, smacked his ass, & in full voice said, “Relax those cheeks!”

That has never happened before in my 17 years of doing this… Apparently, I crossed a threshold with Lang, and as you’ll soon see, he with me…

2 of 2 – First time being rimmed & direct prostate stimulation, Lang’s response is classic straight guy, “I wasn’t sure how to feel with some of it,” and “Just… never… felt that before.” All valid responses & explanatory to his still processing the sexperience when we discussed after the massage.

Now, a little sidebar. Is it so wrong that I just want to go kamikaze on Lang’s nipples? I mean… Asking for a friend… 😛

And while we’re a little off topic, maybe it’s the madness of six-plus weeks on lockdown, but from the butt slap & nipple torture to the oral cumshot, something had me much more free & loose during this shoot. It may be my neighbor’s hot guest (that’s quarantining with her because it’s healthier for him to be here than in his home state) is driving me even further into madness. He is the quintessential CAUSA guy, and he’s been running around here for weeks, half naked. Of course, I’m not one to complain about that particular fact, but it’s after the tequila & gummies kick in, his subconscious curiosity comes out to play. I have dropped every hint & clue that I can think of to get him to slide onto the table (I even got him to watch Geoff’s first shoot since they’re both former military), but then daylight & sobriety come back around, and he’s back to being measured & a little aloof. How’s that go? It’s complicated? And that’s pro’ly what intrigues me so about Lang. I can’t crack him — get into his head & see what makes him tick.

But yet, I digress… We can save these two conversations for Disqus.

Back to the tall drink of watah currently on the table in this video. Because Lang is so subtle in his responses, I edited much of this second half with the sound turned off on my PC. In doing that, I really engaged with Lang’s involuntary twitching & his repeated little smiles. I recommend for this particular shoot, watch a little without sound.

And finally, as mentioned earlier, this was one of those rare occasions where I performed oral through to orgasm & ejaculation (and went back for seconds!), and I must share that, given Lang’s extremely healthy lifestyle, his cum was a perfect texture & flavor. 😁


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

Originally published: Friday, May 1, 2020



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