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1 of 2 – Teagan contacted me about setting up his second shoot shortly before the COVID-19 shelter-at-home executive order was enacted by our AZ guv. Since I already had the husbands lined up & Quinn in the queue, I push it out till this week. Thankfully, Teagan has been staying home, hasn’t traveled out of state, and maintains his good health. So, here we are…

At the end of his first shoot, Teagan agreed that he’d been a little to uptight about direct prostate stimulation & that (for the most part) it felt good. So, going into this second shoot, I knew that I was going to, once again, push Teagan’s boundaries & buttons, and that I did.

I’ll share my broader observations with the release of the second half later this weekend.

2 of 2 – So, a couple of things…

Firstly, one of the funniest moments in my 17 years of smut peddling happened when I threw Teagan’s legs back to go in for a little rimming. Typically, the guys knees are up at his chest, and he keeps his calves / feet bent down toward me. Well, that’s how it began with Teagan until his legs went straight up in the air like a referee signaling a touchdown. I knew it wasn’t me pushing them upward, and in our post-massage dialogue, Teagan had zero recall of the moment. So, while his face & stares into the camera screamed, “OMG! This is happening AND on camera!”, Teagan’s legs (and manhole) told a completely different story.

Now, from the side & head angles, watch Teagan’s toes. I do not recall a previous model literally fanning his toes out, one by one, when his pleasure was intensely awesome. Teagan’s are a joy to watch. And btw, I think Teagan’s a mani-pedi guy.


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

Originally published: Friday, April 17, 2020



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