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1 of 2 – Drew Skins’ original Twitter profile I followed last year via a like of a like of a like of another profile that @ClubAmateurUSA followed. After seeing that he was in the metro area, I liked a boatload of his Tweets in the hopes that he’d show interest in shooting a video. Then, my fall & surgery happened, and I lost track of him.

And then last month on AFF, a new profile appeared, and I thought to myself that this guy looks familiar. Instead of liking his pix & waiting for him to contact me, I proactively contacted him, and here we are. Originally, I intended to run him during Black History Month, but unfortunately, we had a few scheduling snafus.

While Drew self identifies as bisexual, his sexual role is primarily top, and that’s what his online, personal content reflects. So, guess what my intent was going into this shoot?

Well, duh — demonstrate to Drew the joys of his prostate!

And that I did — quite successfully. Both of us agreed that had I kept doing the voodoo that I do best, Drew most likely would’ve had an anal orgasm.

For next time, but for now…

2 of 2 – All that glitters is not gold. Did Drew Skins sleep with strippers prior to sliding on the CAUSA massage table, or did he fuck a Unicorn?

While his cumshot may have been lacking because he defied my orders to pack it in his boxer briefs at least 48 hours before filming, my finger & toy taught him a lesson about defying instruction.


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

Originally published: Friday, March 6, 2020



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