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1 of 2 – When I liked Lang’s first pic that appeared on AFF on January 16th, my initial response upon seeing it…



Then, on the 21st of last month, Lang added three more pix that I, again, liked, and went about my merry way. So, imagine my utter surprise when I awakened on Tuesday to this:

I want in!
2/10/2020 5:46 pm

And Lang was sliding onto the CAUSA massage table two days later. From the moment I read his email till the moment he texted to say that he was five minutes away, I felt like I was being punked. Nothing on his profile suggested to me that he may be open to participating in a video, and what was up with this young, muscled god wanting to sexplore his curiosity?

But first, let me just say that Lang is one taaaaaaall drink of watah. 😋 Standing at 6’8″ & 280 lbs, he may be the tallest & biggest guy to ever appear on ClubAmateurUSA.

Now, going into this shoot, I had no idea how open Lang would be, but because I felt an easiness to our communication, I wasn’t too concerned.

Quickly after filming began, I discovered that I’d be going old school with Lang when he began clenching his butt cheeks anytime I tried getting near his manhole. Although there were moments when an involuntary smile appeared on Lang’s face when my forefinger danced around his virgin hole, his conscious self would reengage, and then a grimace would appear.

So, I did the best I could to push his boundaries & button (more on that in the second half) and focused the rest of my effort on keeping his veiny, Beercan-thick cock at full mast. DAYUM!

2 of 2 – Having looked through Lang’s personal / professional social media (no, I will not be sharing that with anyone & yes, I went down that rabbit-hole), I still feel like I’m being punked. Why did this gorgeous, ripped, muscle gawd slide onto the CAUSA massage table? His answer in our post-massage dialogue really didn’t explain. Regardless, I’m thrilled Lang chose to participate!

Now, what I couldn’t do when Lang was face down on the massage table, I was able to successfully push his boundaries & button when he was face up. And once again, Lang’s subtle smiles indicating pleasure & enjoyment are sexy as fuck.

While Lang doth consciously protest too much in terms of nipple & manhole stimulation, both caused (Mr. Riley, do you think we could successfully coin the term “CAUSA-ed”?) his beercan-thick cock to swell to quart-oil thick. So, we definitely had that conversation at the end.

Although subdued in his demeanor (and an absolute control freak), overall, Lang turned out to be one stellar CAUSA model. Hopefully, we’ll see him slide back on the table in about six weeks.


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

Originally published: Friday, February 14, 2020



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