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1 of 2 – So, I had a couple of unexpected surprises going into this massage with Leeroy.

Firstly, I was unaware of his prior content with Active Duty / Next Door until we were executing the Adult Model Release Agreement for CAUSA. After the fact, I’m glad that it transpired the way it did, else, I probably would not have scheduled a shoot with him given his previous work. I’ll expand further upon that after the second half goes live, and y’all are able to hear our post-massage conversation.

Secondly, the images that Leeroy provided with his model app did not do him justice. In person, he is simply a pretty young man with those eyes & lips and his wavy, brown locks. And I’m glad that he was looking down as he dropped trou because the look of shock on my face was quite noticeable when his sweats hit the floor & his big, beautiful cock flopped against his leg. DAYUM! And yes, Leeroy has a rather perfect, pretty penis, as well.

Because I was aware prior to the shoot that Leeroy is bi-open, and when we discussed his work for the previous studios, he said that he’s vers, I knew that I would be providing him more intensive direct prostate stimulation that isn’t usual for CAUSA noobs. And as previously stated, I’ll discuss further in the second part of this storyboard.

What I will say now is that Leeroy’s ginormous junk started hard, stayed hard, & leaked like a sieve when he was face down on the table.

2 of 2 – “At what age did you figure out that God blessed you better than most men?” And thus, began my post-massage dialogue with Leeroy.

Wherein, both face down & up, Leeroy’s body gave clear indication that the direct prostate stimulation was working for him, once we began discussing it, I learned that his last shoot for a prior studio was his first time experiencing penetration, and due to it being net negative in terms of sexual pleasure, Leeroy built a mental construct around, “I don’t like bottoming.”

Hopefully, after Leeroy’s shoot with me, he’ll divorce himself of the construct & learn to enjoy prostate play when done correctly.

As mentioned in the first half, Leeroy has the perfect, pretty penis. Because it’s tapered like a bullet, Leeroy’s much easier to give oral. And as you’ll see in this second half, getting sucked is his gateway to ejaculation & orgasm.

And WOW, what a cumshot it is!


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

Originally published: Friday, January 24, 2020



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