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Firstly, this week was to be my first shoot returning after my accident, surgery, recovery, & rehab, and I had lined up who I knew would be a new CAUSA favorite guy…


We’ve been in contact since shortly before my fall, and he stayed engaged throughout the subsequent three months. Scheduled for earlier this week, the morning of, I received this text:

My wife is bringing me to the shoot. Can she watch ?

Firstly, I was quite surprised to hear of the existence of a wife — that was the first he’d mentioned her. And secondly, I gently explained to him that way back in the first couple of years, I learned that having a viewing audience made the guy on the table too self aware & too self conscious. So, that practice was banned long ago. I heard nothing back until three hours before our scheduled shoot:

I appreciate the offer my wife and I have decided that this is not the best way for us to grow as a couple I apologize about the inconvenience I’m sorry for last minute notice thank you

What the actual fuck? šŸ˜›

Since I’ve been stewing on it for the past couple days, in the middle of getting this update ready tonight, I stopped to email him on AFF:

Admittedly, I am beyond perplexed how for three plus months we discussed you participating in a video — with you being the first to indicate interest & initiate contact, and then out of the blue the morning of the shoot, suddenly, it became about you & your wife and then the cancellation three hours before the scheduled start time.

Because I wouldn’t let her watch during filming if this was supposed to be about you & your sexperience?

Since I have never had someone in over 16 years, stay interested & engaged for over three months & then cancel within three hours of the shoot, totally at a loss & left with a complete “WTF” moment.

If at any time I’d had indication that you were going to chicken out, I most certainly would not have intentionally scheduled you as my return-to-filming model after a three month forced hiatus.

So profoundly disappointing. SMH

Well, now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest, moving forward. I apologize to all of you for my additional delay in returning to filming. Best laid plans, right?

With that said, let’s talk about Tyler… Having celebrated his 32nd birthday last week, it’s hard for me to believe that I’ve known him since shortly after he turned 18. With his loving, gentle spirit, Tyler has always been one of my faves, and with those eyes, that smile, & those lips, I still believe him to be one of the most beautiful men to ever grace the CAUSA massage table. It was Ken Mack who compared Tyler to a Greek god. :)

So, back in August 2006, this was Tyler’s third shoot, and here’s what I had to say:

Tyler’s back and rockin’ my world as usual. With his Arizona-desert tan and a little facial hair, he’ looking sexier than ever. WOOF!

With this toy video we’re working our way toward Tyler participating in a guy-on-guy, reciprocal shoot. But as you’ll soon see, looks like we need to practice a little more with the “ManRammer.” What’s that old adage about something being bigger than something else… lol

Of course, I’m happy to practice with Tyler as much as need be. The sacrifice that one must make… Hehehe…


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. Ā©

Originally published: Friday, December 20, 2019


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