CAUSA 666 Devlin – Complete Scene

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The Devil made me do it, or in this case, Devlin. šŸ˜‰

We first came into contact several months back on SexyJobs, and as soon as Devlin emailed me a few weeks back that he was interested & ready to schedule, he was sliding onto the CAUSA massage table within days. At first, I was going to skip “666,” but then I decided to have fun with it with his assigned porn name.

Now, based on his site profile, I knew that Devlin self identifies as bi / bi-open & stated that he’d taken dick before. What I didn’t anticipate was after he’d gotten naked & was about to slide on, Devlin had to pause to remove a small, silicone prostate stimulator that he’d been walking around while inserted in anticipation of our shoot. That was certainly a first for me, butt {grin} it gave me an idea of where I was going in terms of anal play / prostate stimulation during the shoot. I dusted off the studded manrammer, and Devlin took it like a champ — so much so, that he ended up squirting on the table as he was flipping over (and yes, I had to Google it, and men squirting is a “thing”).

Once face up, we had a near miss wherein Devlin ejaculated a bit, but we staved off full orgasm. After that, he needed to pee, and I switched out the prostate vibrators.

Pretty soon, Devlin was ready to shoot, and SPLASH, he was covered. Yet, it didn’t appear to be ejaculate, and I noticed that his BBC was still responsive post orgasm.

So, I kept going & within another four minutes we had a second orgasm — and this time, with ejaculation.

Let’s tally all of that up: copious precum while face down, a full squirt while turning over, an oozing ejaculation without orgasm, an orgasm with squirting, and finally, an orgasm with ejaculation. Definitely another ClubAmateurUSA first caught on video.


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. Ā©

Originally published: July 19, 2019



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