CAUSA 661 Rolf – Complete Scene

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Of German heritage and standing at 6’6″ & 240# with blonde hair & blue eyes, CAUSA’s newest guy, Rolf, is one big, beautiful shot of Jägermeister. :)

In the 15+ years of ClubAmateurUSA, Rolf is the first that I know of who has oozed such a large volume of precum. Possibly, CAUSA’s resident historian, Daniel, can recall a previous model who provided cobwebs of precum during his first-time direct prostate stimulation.

Rolf is the newest recruit from my favorite sex & swingers’ site, and after his profile appeared a few weeks ago, I liked his pix with zero expectation that I would ever hear from this blonde Adonis.

So, imagine my surprise when, last week, I awakened to email from Rolf. Needless to say, I had him scheduled & on the CAUSA massage table within days.

When we first began, I didn’t anticipate getting very far with Rolf in terms of anal play due to the fact that he was clinching his butt cheeks (that usually the sign that the guy on the table isn’t into it / comfortable with it). I continued the taint play, and after Rolf relaxed, I tried the manhole finger bang. When that appeared okay, next up, a little rimming.

And once the oozing precum began puddling, the rest, as “they” say, is history.


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©



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