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With his big blue eyes, big bright smile, & big hard cock, Avery remains a CAUSA favorite, and today, at 43 years of age, I think that he’s even hotter than he was at 28, 29, & 30. Since he still maintains an on & off presence on my favorite sex & swingers site, I’ll let you be the judge:


I don’t think any one of us would kick Avery out of bed ‘less there were more room on the floor! :)

Alas, I do not believe that Avery’s amateur porn past is something that he wishes to keep present in his current life so many years later. With each impending ClubAmateurUSA birthday over the past five years, I’ve contacted him to return as an anniversary model (via both social media & AFF), but sadly, he’s never responded to my overtures (and I have read receipts).

Revisiting this shoot & storyboard, I think something that I posited on in October 2006 may give some clue as to why Avery remains MIA in 2019:

It’s hard to believe that ClubAmateurUSA turned three on October 2nd! WOW! Time sure flies when you’re peddlin’ smut. 😉

When I was trying to decide who I wanted to appear in our anniversary video, I was surprised that it’s been a year since we’ve seen Avery. Of course, with his beefy beautiful body, big blue beautiful eyes & big bright smile, and that big beautiful cock, it is definitely past time for Avery to make another appearance.

It was during our initial email exchange a few weeks back that I learned why Avery had done his disappearing act. Apparently, a site member approached him in a local grocery store upon recognizing him, and it freaked Avery out. He said that whomever approached him was nice & respectful but that having his two worlds collide, so to speak, was a little unsettling.

Of course, my models realize that they’re not living in a vacuum, and they take a risk of exposure (no pun intended) when they participate in my videos, but out of 112 models with whom I have shot more than 180 videos, only five of my guys have come back to me to say that someone approached them. Those are pretty good odds, but I can understand why it may be a bit unsettling to have a stranger approach you in a public space and comment on your adult video work. lol

For all of my Phoenix-area site members if you recognize a CAUSA model and feel compelled to approach him (or her), please remember to be discrete, respectful, and nice — even if you feel that the model is giving you the brush off. We all have to remember that most of us compartmentalize the sexual aspects of our lives & aren’t usually comfortable discussing in a public space. Hell, I’m a self-avowed smut peddler & professional cocksucker, and I still prefer to not know who among my peers in my everyday life is watching my videos.

As for Avery’s fourth video, he, as usual, does not disappoint. Although Avery is still very hesitant to accept his arse as part of his sexual being, I was able to push his boundaries a little bit further in that direction in this video. You can tell that he’s loathe to enjoy it; he just can’t help… er… butt <cough> enjoy it! 😛

So, happy third anniversary to CAUSA and a big, hearty “Welcome back!” to Avery!


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