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This is one of those shoots from back in the day that left me wondering in the years since, “I wonder where his journey led him after he slid off of the table?”

While Andreas had permission from his wife to sexplore, I don’t think that he was mentally prepared for our two encounters (you’ll have to ask about the first) & how those might alter the course of his life.

Today, at 47, I am unable to find current social media for Andreas, and in terms of what I said about this shoot way back in September 2006, it appears there was some ugliness on the Internet (go figure) that I needed to address, as well:

Years ago when I worked for the PR firm that assisted Microsoft with the launch of Internet Explorer 1.0, I recognized that there are a lot of severely miserable people in this world who use the anonymity of the Internet to spread their venom and vile. And none are more venomous than the evil-doers who post comments on the more popular weblogs that track amateur websites such as mine.

Well, I lurk, and I read their hate-filled comments and feel such a sense of irony when they speak of webmasters such as myself, Doug & Jay, Jake Cruise, et al, whose models must be in such “financial ruin” as to even consider allowing themselves to sexually interact with the “old,” “fat,” and “ugly” guys who run these sites. The irony that strikes me is the fact that not one of us webmasters can ever, evER, EVER be as ugly on the outside as the persons who anonymously write their filth are on the inside.

Okay… Now that I have that out of my system (it’s been festering for a couple of weeks), onto much more happy thoughts…


Dear gawd… I thought Ewan’s video was hot; Andreas [no pun intended] blew me away!

I also see the comments about how “pasty white” many of our like-genre sites are, and I can honestly say that for me, personally, that’s not by choice (and I also know this to be true of Chaos). Because if I had my way, I’d suck, lick, & rim my way through every ethnicity available on the planet! Ya wanna hear me “grrrrrrrrrr,” then have a big, handsome African American or Latin or some other man of color walk past me! I’m definitely out looking for them and trying to recruit ’em — cuz I’m all about diversity, baybee! Red and yellow, black and white, they are luscious on my site!

It’s been a year since 10-Inch Nate appeared on CAUSA, and I’ve been searching the highways and bi-ways [partial pun intended] for my next victim-of-color… er… well… you know what I mean. So, when Andreas emailed me on my favorite sex & swingers site, I was all over him like white on… uhm… nevermind… šŸ˜‰

I soon learned that Andreas is married, and he & his wife have given each other permission to explore their sexuality. He got to watch her have her first sexual liaison with another woman a couple of months back, and for some reason, Andreas chose to have his first sexual interaction with another man captured on video. Alright for me and C A U S A! šŸ˜›

I don’t want to give too much away since you can see in the images that Andreas, like most of the other guys who’ve appeared here, writhed and moaned and groaned and had what had to be the most phenomenal orgasm of his life! By the time it was over, he was begging for “mercy,” and using the football referee’s signal for, TIME OUT! (I feel so butch even knowing that. LOL!)

But I guess my favorite part was when Andreas was light-headedly moving toward the shower post shoot and said, “Damn! I don’t even get that at home!”


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. Ā©


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