Classic CAUSA 157 Xander

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Before there was Flaaaahrida Xander, there was AZ Xander back in 2006, and when the original content again became available to me via DVDs, I knew that I wanted to run this Xander in a Classic. ‘Twas interesting, given the 13-year timespan, what I remembered vs. what I’d forgotten.

I didn’t recall that Xander originally slid onto my table off camera, but I do remember a weekday, midnight rendezvous at his studio apartment near the university (my memory is fuzzy as to whether it was between his 1st & 2nd shoots or after his 2nd shoot had already taken place). I recalled his rather healthy endowment, but I’d forgotten just how ginormous his balls (was enamoured with them then & am still so, today). I’d forgotten about our shared religious backgrounds & both being recovering Southern Baptists (which today seems odd given his Hispanic heritage). And I’d totally forgotten that I went full-on direct prostate stimulation in his first shoot, and sadly, I do not recall what led me down that proverbial path.

Unfortunately, with his common given name, I’ve not been able to track down Xander’s social media, today, at age 42. It does appear based on his full name that he’s still here in the Valley of the Sun. Would be fun to have him slide back on… the table, that is. :)

Yet, I digress… And here’s what I had to say back in the day:

Xander is one hot, hung, handsome, height-gifted (had to continue the alliteration) drink of water. He originally contacted me on my favorite sex & swingers site interested in receiving an erotic massage. Luckily, given my vast experience in that area, I hear from quite a few curious, straight guys interested in taking a spin on my massage table (sans the CAUSA cameras).

Over the course of Xander’s first visit to my home, we discussed my line of work, and I took the opportunity to extend an invitation for him to participate in a video for the site.

Ironically, Xander & I discovered an interesting commonality — we’re both recovering Southern Baptists.

Given that, I think it was a bit of Xander’s religious rebellion that prompted him to ring me the following day expressing his desire to participate in a video. As I’ve stated before, ya gotta capture ’em on video when they’re in the mood because a few days later, they may have come to their senses. lol

So, the next day, Xander was back in my home taking his second spin on my massage table. And this one was caught on video. WOOF!

With a long, thick cock and a big ol’ set of low-hanging balls, Xander is perfect CAUSA material — not to mention his moaning & groaning & thrashing about throughout a thorough pounding prostate massage. Hehehe…


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©


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