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So, I believe that we’ve now reached an era where my obligation to CAUSA presenting authentic representations of the world in which we live includes multiple orientations. After all, when ClubAmateurUSA was originally conceived by a pool in Old Town Scottsdale with my former business partners, it was to be about MMF bi-sexual interaction. Here we are 15+ year later, and in terms of human sexuality, the conversation is no longer  gay / bi / straight. We’re no longer looking at sexuality, orientation, & gender on a linear scale; we’re, now, considering all on a spectrum.

15. Years. Later.

Today, finding a guy who self identifies as straight who hasn’t engaged in prior sexual interaction with another male is more of a challenge than those who have not. And quite frankly, that’s a good thing.

Literally, tonight, I expressed to a girlfriend who is a recently enlightened individual in terms of my “day job,” what was my expressed motivation 15 years ago:

“I’m changing the world one straight man at a time. They will leave my home a different man from whence they entered, and when they next sit in their church pew or enter their voting booth, they’ll pause to consider the broader world in which they live.”

15 year later, I think that’s our reality (beyond the self-hating & community-hating Homocons), and also, in order to accept & advance our progress, ClubAmateurUSA must evolve.

When we originally launched CAUSA 15 years ago, I had to take into account how often men of color appeared on the site. Too frequently, I watched revenue decline. Today, not frequently enough & literally, we receive site cancellations.

Today, I’m measuring appearances, from week to week, black to brown to white — and that’s a GREAT thing.

But the one thing that has remained a constant in terms of increasing / decreasing site revenue… How the guys self identify their sexual orientation.

As with age, I could just lie (like the man in the White House does on a daily basis), but never in CAUSA’s history have I chosen that path. I tell & sell authenticity.

So, no way in hell am I choosing that path today.

My biggest recruiting challenges in January 2019:

  • Self-identifying straight men who’ve not had sexual interaction with another man (welcome to the world of Millennials & Gen Zs)
  • Self-identifying straight men who’ve not had sexual interaction with another man who are also willing to sexplore in a video that will appear on the Internet

So, where to go…

ClubAmateurUSA in 2019 should be about telling stories — as it’s always been. And that means that if CAUSA is going to represent the diverse world in which we live, then the proverbial boxes aren’t just “straight,” “bi,” & “gay” since those, solely, no longer fully represent our diverse world.

With that said, today I present perpetually erect, pansexual Koji who grew up in a rather conservative family & as a result, had to come out twice within seven years.

But my friends, the sensual eroticism remains the same (along with the eye rolls)…

15. Year. Later.


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©



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