CAUSA 637 Corey – Complete Scene

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Ask & ye shall receive… :)

After a couple of mentions by members of Corey from Zack Randall (after Neo’s appearance on CAUSA), lo & behold, he expressed interest in sliding onto the massage table.

And once again, when it comes to being open to truly sexplore, it’s never the ones that I expect, and Corey, absolutely, blew all of my expectations out of the proverbial water. Just wow!

From the moment Corey slid on, his cock started popping a chubby, and by the time my tongue slid into his manhole, Corey was at full staff. And in my 15+ years of producing ClubAmateurUSA, this is the first that I remember a guy on the table reaching back to spread his cheeks so that I could bury my face deeper.

While he admits to enjoying being rimmed after a gang-bang video shoot where one of the chicks told Corey, “I won’t think you’re gay if you let me rim you.” Yeah, there’s a lot to unpack there, but suffice it to say, he was hooked on a tongue in his hole. šŸ˜›

As I’ve expressed before, there’s no script, per se, for the shoots. Each guy is different, and every guy has both hard & soft boundaries. Never do I attempt to push the hard boundaries, but the soft ones… Well, that’s when I tip-toe into the shallow end of the guy’s manhole & watch his verbal & no-verbal cues & clues.

Let’s just say that I waded in deeper & deeper, rather quickly, and for Corey’s first-time direct prostate stimulation, he took it like a champ.


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. Ā©



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