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And here we are… Two months out from ClubAmateurUSA’s 15th anniversary, reflections on the past 15 years have begun — the highs (authentic sexperiences that redefine male sexuality), the lows (the Great Recession & being forced to walk away from producing), and the in betweens (Lisa at Badpuppy contacting me in July 2011 to come back as the contracted producer & site members who, from day one, inspire me to achieve those authentic sexperiences in every shoot with every guy).

While pulling original content to run as Classics, I ran across the “Live Archive” series that originated as webcam shows for ASG. In doing that, I re-discovered DJ’s show that, again, reminded of my affinity for DJ.

Maybe he reminded me of my West Texas roots, and maybe DJ reminded of me of past loves. There was just something about him from his very first shoot that endeared me to him — his positive energy, his cockiness & confidence, his choosing me & my content to push his boundaries.

Now, while revisiting this video, I was reminded that while DJ was somewhat comfortable sexploring anal play, DJ’s defined boundary was that he had to anally stimulating himself. I was allowed surface penetration, but in order to venture deeper, DJ had to be in control.

It was the early 2000s: straight guys were more & more open to male:male sexual interaction, but anal was still widely considered the ultimate taboo.

So, note in this video, the exchange of dialogue between DJ & me wherein he declares that very mindset.

Boy howdy, the evolution of male sexuality & orientation that I (along with all of you) have witnessed over the past 15 years…


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©


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