Classic CAUSA 028 Big Daddy

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In celebration of the first African American Princess (technically “Duchess”) married into the British Royal Family, we’re stepping back 15 years to the first African American man filmed for ClubAmateurUSA, Big Daddy. Here’s what I had to say back in November 2003:

Big Daddy is quite the character! Another one of our bicurious, married guys from the swingers’ site, we had no idea who we would be interviewing. When Big Daddy arrived, we immediately knew that we’d hit paydirt. Wanting to provide a diverse model base to appeal to a diverse membership base, we’d been looking for an African-American model. The few prior to Big Daddy that we interviewed, were okay getting a BJ from another guy, but they were not willing to reciprocate. As soon as Big Daddy started talking with us at the townhouse, he made it very clear that he was up for just about anything — as long as there was a female participant during the sexual escapades.

As was evidenced in the video with Big Daddy, Matt, & Nina, he really is looking to explore those proverbial curiosities. This massage video was a hoot and a half to shoot. Big Daddy — as did I — had a lot of fun with it. I think he enjoyed himself a little too much. My biz partners continue to say that the guys should be paying us. LOL!


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©


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