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It wasn’t until I began working with this content set to render it to Classic that I was reminded that this particular shoot with Dave began the current incarnation of the CAUSA sexperience on the massage table wherein erotic massage & oral were combined. Prior to this shoot, I positioned the guys on the day-bed & strictly performed oral. Overall & looking back, I can see that the table brings about a much more relaxing moment for the guys. Also, I noted that no longer was I playing porn in the background, and that’s remained true today.

And today, Dave is 40 years of age, and as mentioned previously, I don’t know much about him via his available social media — other than he’s a business owner in the industry that he was in 14 years ago as a worker-bee. So, here’s what I had to say about this video back in August 2004:

A site member recently inquired about Dave’s whereabouts, so he was on my mind when I happened to run into him in the chatroom on our favorite sex & swingers’ site. Ironically, he was in the chatroom trying to pick up chicks, but was very open about the fact that he had made a couple of videos for me. Of course, I’m pretty well known amongst the Phoenix swingers set, so everyone was most definitely aware of what *kind* of videos he’d made for me. lol…

But that’s what I love about Dave… He’s so laid back and could give a rat’s ass about what others think about him. He’s comfortable in his skin and okay with letting another guy play with him as long as he’s having a good time and getting paid for it. lol…

So, in the chatroom I told him that the membership had been inquiring about him and that my intent was to track him down and make another video. Dave was thrilled and asked how soon I’d like to shoot.

We set our appointment for the upcoming weekend, and Dave called to confirm & arrived right on tome.

Gawd, if all the guys were this easy to schedule..

Dave was made aware prior to the shoot of my intended content. Which btw, for those of you who checkout like-genre sites, it’s beyond highly unlikely that these straight guys just happened to be sitting around looking at pussy porn, decided to whip it out, and all of a sudden they’re sucking & fucking. Give me a break. If we’re truly dealing with straight guys here, then I can guarantee you that a discussion was held prior to the cameras rolling, and it was made clear what the model would be doing and how much he was getting paid for doing it. Sorry, to burst some folks fantasies that *sober* straight guys are blowing & going all the fricking time. Let’s all get REAL here. LOL!

Anyhoo…yet, I digress…

So, Dave shows up knowing that we’re going to film a mix of massage and oral. He’s down (or up) for whatever. He really is the quiet type, so you never really hear much out of him, but you can read what he’s feeling on his face. And his face is telling ya that he thoroughly enjoyed himself!

Again, when you have your face buried in someone crotch, unless you have eyes in the back of your head, you don’t really know how they’re responding until you watch the tapes. I was pleasantly surprised during the editing process to see that several times Dave looked down to watch me do my thing.

I think that I’m learning that it’s a guy thing. It’s that whole inward gloating, “Hey look, I’m getting my cawk sucked.” LOL!

I hope you enjoy as much as Dave did, this new type a content where the erotic massage and oral are combined — A Rub, A Tug, & Much More.


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©


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