CAUSA 607 Paolo – Complete Scene

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Puerto Rican, Italian, & Black, we’ve hit the diversity jackpot with CAUSA’s newest guy!

So, Paolo created a profile on AFF, and within a couple of hours of me liking his pix, he made contact, and we had this shoot scheduled. Based on our voluminous texts back & forth, I was under the impression that Paolo was actively on the DL & engaging in clandestine encounters with other guys — strictly as a top. Thus, I received this SMS:

Nothing’s going in my ass right?

As a result of the subsequent conversation, I dialed back my expectations to an “old school” shoot with simple massage & oral.

The night before the shoot (technically, the early morning of), I received a random text from Paolo at 12:33 AM:

Fuck me

That furthered my perception that Paolo was as much wanting to hookup off camera as he was on. I replied:

I do tend to separate business & pleasure on the front end of meeting someone new to work with & film. That’s about my own comfortability & demonstrating the professionalism in what I do.

Regardless of the fact that this is about producing adult content, everyone is treated with dignity & respect.

Going into a first-time meeting, I do prefer to keep the focus on you, your pleasure, & creating great content.

Post massage & final dialogue, I now understand that Paolo was extremely & obviously curious, but in fact, he had not had sexual interaction with another male prior to filming. Without pushing his boundaries toward direct prostate stimulation, I did go down & orally stimulate his taint, and based on Paolo’s shivers & quivers, I do believe that he’s now open to furthering his sexploration.


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