Classic CAUSA 096 Hydro

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By the time you’re reading this, I’ll be back in West Texas hangin’ with a bunch of white Evangelicals for a family event. May The Force be with me. lol

Since I had to get all of the Badpuppy & ClubAmateurUSA updates for this week into our CMS by late Thursday night, I decided to run a Classic. As I was looking through the masters, I discovered that I still had one last Hydro video to update to HD. Ironically, this is the very first video that he shot for CAUSA in March 2005.

‘Tis hard to believe that I first met Hydro in KCMO way back during the summer of 2002. Although he was still so young at 21 years of age, he had seen & done many things well beyond his years as a Special Ops Marine deployed to Afghanistan for several tours. The impact was obvious then & throughout the years that he & I stayed in contact.

Today, Hydro is 36 with young children. From what I can tell via social media, he looks happy & healthy, and that makes my heart full.

Here’s what I had to say about Hydro’s first shoot for ClubAmateurUSA almost 13 years ago:

This week’s video update is with a model from my past, Hydro, who was here a couple of weeks ago with the rest of the boys for their Spring Break.

With Hydro being a former special ops Marine, he shared some stories with me about things that go on. I definitely enjoyed the one about a group of young, horny Marines (deployed in a rather desolate Middle Eastern country) having a group circle-jerk contest to see who could cum the fastest to a Britney Spears video. DAYUM, if I’d only been there with my digital camcorders. LOL!

I had a pretty good idea with that in mind, that Hydro would have no issue performing, as it were, during the erotic massage without the “aid” of pussy porn.

We got started, and he definitely got into it. What fun it was to get to play with Hydro again after a couple of years.

Now, if he’d only shared with me before this shoot that he really enjoys having his girlfriend finger him while they’re engaged in sexual activities…



CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©


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