CAUSA 602 Davis – Complete Scene – “Santa Cums Early”

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CAUSA’s Davis (Chaturbate’s “Dave Slick“) returns as the final Santa of 2017, and once again, his prostate gets quite the workout!

Over the years as I begin thinking in November about who’s gonna be Santa, I look toward scheduling a returning model whom we’ve not seen in awhile and / or one of CAUSA’s Top 10 models (by views) for the year, and since the originally scheduled Santa burned a proverbial bridge by going MIA, I reached out to Davis since he’s one of the top 10 models for 2017.

While considering the content for this shoot, I decided to take a play from Jamie’s first video wherein he came up on his knees while resting his elbows & forearms on the massage table. Historically, I’ve always had the guys come up on their hands & knees, but while editing the first part of Jamie’s first video, I realized that it’s a much better angle with the guys on elbows & knees.

So, I primed Davis’ manhole for a bit while he was still prostrate on the table, and up he came. Before we got going again with him in this new position Davis forewarned me that Santa would definitely cum early should I decide to “milk” him “like a cow.” lol


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©



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