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Blink once for “yes,” and twice for “no.” At the point that your eyelids are fluttering like a Hummingbird’s wings…

Please welcome to the CAUSA massage table, new hottie Ginger, Aiden — who cums to us via our friends at Zack Randell.

Aiden is a conundrum to both myself, and I believe, to himself.

With clearly defined expectations in his mind’s eye coming into the shoot, I believe his sexperience moves him closer to his own authenticity (once I move him out of the mindspace that this sexual act or that sexual act is “too gay.”)

Those are not Aiden’s words but simply my perception based upon my observations of his physical responses & chosen behaviors during the shoot.

As I’ve said for the past 14 years, at the point that you’re in the middle of another man providing you sexual pleasure for the first time (in Aiden’s case, he has received a handjob from another dude prior to filming), what does it matter whether he’s going down on you, nibbling at your nipples, rubbing your taint, and / or sliding a finger into your virgin manhole?

You’re here, Blanche. Might as well fasten your seatbelt & enjoy the bumpy ride! šŸ˜‰

So, that pretty much defines this shoot with Aiden.

I am amused that someone whose first inquiry was whether or not he would get to watch str8 porn during the shoot, then spent the entire shoot tapping me off because he was perpetually on the verge of cumming.

Oh, these straight boys…

Gotta luv ’em cuz they bring us so much dayum pleasure (mixed in with a healthy dose of “what the fuck?”). šŸ˜‰


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. Ā©


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