CAUSA 578 Huck

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Folks, what we have here is the most definitive & demonstrative eye-rolling of any CAUSA model! I saw a little of it during the shoot but had no idea the extent until I began editing Huck’s first video.

Since the method to my madness is constantly evolving, I stopped mid-editing to schedule Huck’s second shoot because he had a little premature accident shortly after flipping him face up on the massage table. Although I clutched him tight to stave off the orgasm, Huck’s ejaculation pushed its way through.

I figured if he was that wound tight, I could keep going & achieve a second cumming. So, I told him to stay in the zone; I regrouped & started in again. Huck’s body language quickly indicated that he was done. Because of the change in energy, I wrapped up with his post-massage interview.

So, today’s video is pseudo part one, and Huck & I have scheduled his return in a couple of days to continue what we started for part two.


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©


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