CAUSA 577 Bennett – Complete Scene

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When Bennett first contacted me on AFF at the end of March to request more information, I did not hear back from him for three weeks, and then received this:

“I’m definitely straight but I could use 5 benjamins… Exactly how does this whole process work?”

So, I gave him a short overview, and within 12 hours, Bennett was scheduled. Upon arrival, more in-depth questioning began, and I had a sinking feeling that he was on the verge of a “what the hell am I doing” freakout, and no shoot would happen. We had a 10-minute back & forth, and I was completely forthright with him. So far, so good.

Sensing Bennett’s hesitation, I decided to go “old school” with simple massage & a little bit of oral, and then, two things happened.

Once he was naked, on the table, and before any touch had begun, Bennett grew to full chub within seconds & restored my confidence, but I felt as though I still needed to tread lightly around anal play just to test the waters, so to speak. Here’s where the dichotomy grew rather apparent (or shrank as the case may be).

A first time for being rimmed, Bennett definitely enjoyed this new pleasure, and his BBC reflected such, but as soon as my fingers danced around his manhole, his turtle went back into its shell.

Duly noted.

So, I figured that this would be one complete scene & not broken up into parts one & two — until I continued editing after the flip.

Firstly, Bennett’s precum leaked like a sieve, and secondly, he was on the verge of orgasm throughout the remainder of the shoot. Seeing & understanding this, I decided to venture back down to his virgin hole & test the proverbial waters, once again.

Houston, we have insertion! (Yes, I’m mixing all sorts of metaphors in this particular storyboard. lol)


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©

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