CAUSA 539 Paxton

causa_classic.fwPaxton | 20 | 6’0″ | 177# | 7.0″ | Dirty Blonde Hair | Green Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


Sometimes ya gotta go “old school” with the nervous, straight guys. šŸ˜‰

A couple of interesting items of note… Firstly, Paxton let it be known that he wasn’t totally comfortable with anal play as he begins his sexploration (thus the old school CAUSA content wherein anal wasn’t introduced until a guy’s second or third shoot). Secondly, his eyes were in perpetual “Linda Blair” position. Paxton was on the edge from just about the time my tongue danced across his balls, and that’s when he began his Lamaze breathing. lol

Historically, I have found that when the guys go into conscious breathing to stave off premature ejaculation, it ends up impacting their overall pleasure, as well as, impedes the path to eventual, wanted orgasm & ejaculation. Thus was the case with Paxton.

Having been brought to the edge several times & Paxton engaged in conscious breathing, when I finally said, “whenever you’re ready,”… (insert sound of Pac Man deflating)

Yup… For the next 20 minutes, I did everything but a voodoo dance to bring Paxton over the precipice, and then an interesting thing happened…

After lubing up my hands, again, I stepped back, grabbed Paxton’s junk, and placed my free hand on his heart. Almost immediately, his cock was again brick, and by the time Paxton’s eyes rolled & the spurting began, my hand that had been on his heart for those several minutes was completely tingling.

Now, it’s usually the guys whose fingers & toes get all tingly. As we saw with Jax back in Florida, our exchange of energy left my hand print on his chest where his skin flushed around it. So, this was a first for me to have so much energy being transferred that my fingers do the tingle.

And apparently, it worked since very soon said Linda Blair eye roll ensued & Paxton shot one helluva load.


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. Ā©

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P.S. This was filmed a month ago, and this week I received a SMS from Paxton letting me know that the chest acne & pubic razor burn have cleared up, and he’s ready for his second shoot. Interestingly, within a 24-hour period from Tuesday to Wednesday, I heard from Ellis, Hugh, Quade, & Paxton — all ready for another closeup, Mr. DeMille. šŸ˜›