CAUSA 538 Gracen – Part 1, 2, & 3

causaGracen | 6’2″ | 170# | 9.5″ | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


EPIC… Torture!

EPIC… Sexploration!

Ladies & gentlemen (yes, 24% of CAUSA’s audience is female), please welcome back…

“Emperor” Gracen!

Lions and tigers and Gracen, OH MY! The emperor truly is a case study in complexity & contradiction.

The torture for all of you (apart from Gracen’s torturous sexploration), is that while editing this video (a total of five hours & 18 minutes of content), I couldn’t decide which camera angle(s) to cut & which to include. From the “side high” angle you get one perspective, and from the “side low,” you get a different perspective for the same moment in the shoot. The same is true of different perspective from the “foot” angle & the “overhead” angle. So, I decided that given Gracen’s willingness to sexplore & further push his boundaries, all four camera angles need to be included while he is face down on the table — just coming short of two hours.

Part one includes side high & side low; part two will incorporate overhead & from the foot; and part three will finish up our Gracen epic with him face up on the table & one helluva cumshot! Just wait till you see it & another first in a CAUSA video.

Now, your challenge, I’m sure, will be what was my challenge. In certain moments throughout, you’re gonna wanna jump over to a different camera angle to see his facial expression or his muscles rippling or the status of his nine-plus inches.

So, for now… commit part one to memory & enjoy!

A couple of things to notice in Part 2 when I speak of Gracen’s complexity & contradiction… As soon as Gracen was face-down on the table & I began to gently caress his backside, his BBC went brick & began pulsing. His initial reaching back & spreading his ass-cheek was of his own volition. There had been zero discussion going into this shoot, my intent.

Now, I feel as though it were a missed opportunity (and possibly an invitation?) for me to take a deep dive with my tongue. My perception during both the shoot & while editing: Gracen seems much more open & submissive when he’s face down than when he’s face up. These ponderances have already given me pause & planning for when Gracen graces the CAUSA massage table again in a couple of months.

Now we have all four camera angles… What new insights into Gracen’s complexity & contraction might you discover?

In Part 3, I guess it’s saying something about the intensity of Gracen’s orgasm that leads to muscle cramps in his leg & foot… šŸ˜›


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. Ā©

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