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causa_classic.fwZane | 19 | 6’0″ | 185# | 8.5″ | Brown Hair | Hazel Eyes | Straight & Sexploring | Originally aired September 2007


Still to this day close to nine years later, I believe that Zane is one of the most beautiful young men to grace the CAUSA massage table. Also, I believe that it was a little disconcerting to him that he was so turned on by both sexperiences. When they’re 19 years of age & lived their lives, thus far, under the presumption of heterosexuality, engaging in sexual activities that call that into question… well, as witnessed in Zane’s first & now this second shoot with me, his dick was brick as soon as he slid onto the table.

If Zane’s on Facebook, he’s got that shit locked down like a virgin in the Watch Tower. Ironically, I was able to find him back in his out-of-state hometown with several personal items recently listed on OfferUp. The things / people we can discover via Google. lol

Now, at 27 years of age, I also believe that should Zane ever return to the CAUSA massage table (he does have a standing… er… laying invitation), he’d still be one of the most beautiful (and hung) guys to grace us with his presence.

Here’s what I had to say about this shoot back in September 2007:

I was a bit surprised when I received an email from Zane during my Colorado sabbatical. Over the past five years of doing what I do, I’ve learned how to read when one of my guys enjoyed his sexual experience a little too much and then leaves after the shoot with a big ol’ question mark across his face… “Does it make me gay? What if people find out?”

As a result, my instinct tells me from whom I will be hearing again and who will freak out, question their sexuality, dive head first back into pussy to prove that they’re “a man,” and never look back upon their little foray into “gay porn” & male:male sexual interaction. Some in whom I have recognized that behavior were Brendan, Freddie, Nate, Casey, Brady, Caden, Devin, and Rio.

I had that feeling regarding Zane – thus my surprise when he emailed to say that he wanted to do another shoot. He did have one stipulation though, “is there any way that we can rule out anything anal like the finger in the ass because im not too comfortable with that if that’s possible.”

Evidently, Zane did have a bit of a freak out post his first shoot, but was able to find a space that made him comfortable enough to participate in a second video.


Cuz let me just tell ya, with his gorgeous hazel eyes, beautiful pearly-white smile, awesomely-toned body, and big-damned cock, Zane is one fucking HOT young man!

So, in this video, I took the opportunity to capitalize on all of the features that make Zane scrumdillyumptious. Strangely, he seemed more nervous this second time and a little more reserved until I said, “It’s okay to make some noise.” And that’s all he needed to hear…


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