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causa_classic.fwHydro | 27 | 6’1″ | 185# | 6.0″ | Brown Hair | Blue Eyes | Straight & Sexploring | Originally aired October 2008


In the summer of 2002 when Jaxon first brought Hydro into the ASG studio in KCMO, I was smitten. On leave from a tour in Afghanistan, Hydro’s authenticity & genuine spirit shone through his big, blue eyes & mischievous grin. And obviously, through his time in the Marines, his sexual curiosity had bubbled through to the surface. ‘Tis interesting, Hydro’s choices for whom he was willing to sexplore his curiosity was first with his decade-long friend, Jaxon, and eventually, me (two people in his life whom he trusted).

After his military commitment ended, Hydro returned to KCMO, and he & Jaxon (and later on Kyle & Aaron) followed me from ASG to CAUSA & would shoot content when they visited during Spring Break. It was during their 2005 visit that Hydro met his future wife & decided to relocate out to the Valley of the Sun.

Gladly, Hydro shot another video in the Fall of 2005 upon his return. Although it wasn’t until the Fall of 2008 that he again agreed to shoot another video (as below discussed), he stayed in contact, and we got together on a couple of occasions just to chillax & catch up.

The ghosts of his former active duty haunted Hydro, but through the love & support of his new bride and counseling for PTSD, he was able to address & manage those demons. When we met & shot today’s Classic CAUSA in September 2008, it was the happiest & healthiest that I’d seen him since our initial meeting many years prior.

Unfortunately, that was the last time that I saw or spoke with Hydro. Shortly thereafter, Badpuppy purchased ClubAmateurUSA, and I moved away. Today, we are still friends on Facebook, but he’s not an active participant. So, I don’t know much about him.

Regardless, I do hope that he continues to be well, and given my fondness for both Jaxon & Hydro, I thought it very fitting that as I was turning off the proverbial lights & walking out the door away from the first five years of ClubAmateurUSA, Hydro was the last guy to grace the CAUSA massage table from September 2008 till my return in September 2011.

Here’s what I had to say back then:

Several weeks back, I received an email from Hydro wondering if he was welcome to shoot another video. Firstly, I was shocked that he was even asking the question since the last time I saw him when Jaxon was in town (early Spring), the subject was broached, and I was told that “Hydro” was retired.

Hydro’s not appeared on the site since September 2005, and now that he’s married with a toddler, I hadn’t expected to have another opportunity to capture him on video.

Just as I and my company are experiencing a financial hardship due to the current global economic crisis, Hydro & his family are as well — thus his reaching out to me for video work.

I guess the silver lining in this scenario is the fact that over the past three years, I’ve regularly received email from site members wanting to see more Hydro.

There’s a moment in the video when we were working to bring him to orgasm, Hydro was attempting to provide direction on what I could do to take him over the edge, and it was interesting to hear him fall over his words trying to tell me that he wanted more oral but not wanting to express out loud that he wanted another man to suck him off. This former military guy who saw some hellish combat is certainly a man’s man.

So, here’s Hydro in all of his natural glory!


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