CAUSA 530 Wyatt

Wyatt | 28 | 6’1″ | 165# | 8.5″ | Brown Hair | Hazel Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


Wyatt’s back, and for what he lacks in emotive responses, he more than makes up for with dick! ūüėČ

‘Tis interesting… This week, we had someone to join CAUSA & shortly thereafter request a refund because:

“This is not the club Amateur that I know. I don’t like it at all. Can you refund my money. I prefer more straight like guys.”

Quite frankly, I found it laughable. To which Club Amateur is he referring? And when we looked at his user data, this now former member spent a whopping 30 minutes behind the members’ firewall. So, really… Given that I’ve been at the helm for 10 of its 12 years, I’m not quite sure to which CAUSA he is referring, and how does one quantify “more straight like guys” having looked at less than 30 minutes of content?

There’s no one more “straight like” than Wyatt, and I went into this shoot knowing that I was going to push his boundaries in terms of prostate stimulation since going into his first CAUSA shoot (as an AFF recruit), Wyatt clearly stated that he didn’t want anything going in his butt. Also, if we recall the storyboard from Wyatt’s first shoot in May 2012:

Straight Uhm‚Ķ Ya may have noticed that I listed Wyatt as “straight,” with no “and curious.” I believe that troubled circumstances may have precluded any sorta curiosity, and Wyatt pro’ly should be listed as “straight and HELLA nervous!” So, given that fact, this a shorter than normal CAUSA video, but hey‚Ķ at least we have Wyatt’s ginormous schlong with which to overcompensate (and thus my initial reason for agreeing to shoot a video with him ;-).

Beyond his engorged & tingling ginormous schlong, Wyatt’s other tell: his soft moans throughout from the direct prostate stimulation to the rigorous dick stimulation. Quite a turn on, and I’m pleasantly surprised that he enjoyed venturing toward understanding why men have prostates. And keep an eye on Wyatt’s dancing toes; he almost rivals Ellis.


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