Classic CAUSA 249 Landon

causa_classic.fwLandon | 22 | 6’2″ | 180# | 7.0″ | Brown Hair | Blue Eyes | Straight & Open-Minded | Originally aired February 2008


When I was initially contacted by Landon, I knew that I wanted to get more sexploration from him than was seen at another like-genre site on which appeared in the Fall of 2007. Additionally, I saw pix of him with his body hair shaven and ones with it in tact. So, I responded that I wanted a few weeks of hair growth before we would film.

The other thing that I knew when approached by Landon, was that despite his appearance on another site, I wanted to capture that “BNU” on film. Friends & I coined the acronym as short for “Big ‘N’ Uncut.” In Landon’s case, it could also stand for, “British ‘N’ Uncut.” 😀

Speaking of… I guess that it’s not really a sexual fantasy just to have Landon over to simply read the phone book aloud. What if I have him do it in the nude? Does that make it a sexual fantasy? LOL!


As I previously mentioned, my intent was to capture a deeper sexploration with Landon — “deeper” being the operative word…

Let’s just say that Landon was dayum-near an anal orgasm when he finally called for a time out. He was in sensory overload couldn’t handle anymore. Which is the state that I’m sure many of you will be in when watching this video!


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