12th Anniversary – CAUSA 516 Gracen – Parts 1 & 2

causaGracen | 30 | 6’2″ | 170# | 9.5″ | Brown Hair | Brown Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


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And here we are friends… ClubAmateurUSA’s 12th anniversary & the emperors have no clothes… on many levels…

The reigning emperor, per se, Gracen, once again, allows himself to continue his journey toward authenticity, and blessedly, he allows this subordinate emperor to empower his sexploration toward his authentic sexuality. Please note, that I did not reference authentic sexual orientation. I referenced authentic sexuality.

Today, 12 years later, there is an acknowledgeable difference.

For me, I am still absolutely clothed but where I bare naked is in terms of the editing of this video — or the lack thereof… In the first half of this part one, I did the standard cutting in & out from four camera angles (yup, a fourth camcorder was incorporated for this shoot), but as I continued editing into the second half of part one (once Gracen was prostrate on the CAUSA massage table), I again embraced that each camera angle tells its own story – its own point of view. So, in lieu of cutting & splicing, I decided to let all four camera angles play through till post cumshot.

So, you can go ahead & exhale thinking that today you’re not going to see a cumshot. Today, you’re going to see two of the four angles, and in part two, you’ll see the remaining camera angles & my post massage conversation with Gracen.

Now, in terms of the past 12 years, I’ve done quite a bit of reflecting the past several weeks, and in the part two storyboard, I’ll share some of my collective thoughts with all of you.

But for today, I want the focus on Gracen & his journey. I pushed his boundaries without pushing him outside of his comfort zone, and by his own admission, it was a pretty intense sexperience.



Long-time CAUSA fan(addict), Mr. Riley, wrote in the members’ area regarding Part 1:

Congratulations Casey on 12 years of sexploration excellence! And thanks for presenting Gracen’s video as the gift to celebrate!!! Each time Gracen graces the CAUSA massage table, we go a little more down the road of this journey. I don’t know where it is going, but it is interesting nonetheless. Gracen certainly did a lot of traveling up and down the table, even when he was upright :) What makes his movies so interesting is that his gorgeous body is still electrified to the touch. Is the tension as palpable as it seems on film; you have to be extremely careful when touching his sides and taint, or you may lose an eye or limb from being smacked by Gracen’s powerful limbs. Nevertheless, his cooperative spirit and willingness to give the membership an honest and outstanding movie is endearing (and quite erotic). Gracen certainly likes it when you suck on his enormous appendage (I surmise that’s when he has the most control). He seems to keep agonizingly moving slowly toward some further activities (REALLY, REALLY SLOW); I just don’t know what they are. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, you need to thank Robbie EVERYDAY for this referral, and I hope that he sent some others that will take a turn on the table. And I know there is a Part 2 coming , but you can put Gracen on there as much as you want, and this member will never tire of seeing this Ebony Emperor! Thanks again and here’s to another year of CAUSA fun (with Gracen, Geoff, Jett, Josh, and all the newbies of the desert that you can get)!

Interestingly, that’s pretty much what I’d already intended to speak about once this second part ran.

Specifically, there was intent going into this anniversary shoot with Gracen, but due to his discomfort with my chosen method of madness, it only lasted a few minutes, and I ended up editing that time out. I decided last month that I would purchase an ankle restraint bar that would keep Gracen from clenching & wrenching his legs together when any sort of “backdoor action” presented itself. And before we began, I explained to him that staying within his comfort zone was my highest priority, and I asked that we create a “safe word.” For some reason, a month back when I was thinking about this, the safe word that popped into my head… CHEESEBURGER! (And yes, later on in the video, you’ll hear Gracen say, “Hamburger!”) 😛

So, to Mr. Riley’s earlier comment, at this point, I do not know where nor how Gracen’s journey & content are going, but we do have his next shoot calendared, and I’ll continue to push forward with potential “backdoor action.”

Now, my all-encompassing analysis incorporates much of the remainder of the above comments, as well as, my personal take.

I don’t know that had this anniversary video been with anyone other than Gracen would I have been open to presenting all four camera angles unedited. For 12 years, the camera angles have been tight, focused on the model, and more so since my return to ClubAmateurUSA in September 2011, show very little of me. My reasons are two-fold. Firstly, the crux of the content is each model’s sexploration & allowing you the viewer to put yourself in my place. So, secondly, if there’s too much of me or I make it about me, then that defeats the purpose of our collective journey.

Tight camera angles & editing as much of me out as possible & still present a cohesive story, week to week & model to model, allow me to achieve that goal and keep the models & all of you as the primary focus. So, after editing this video, I truly did feel as though this “emperor had no clothes,” per se.

What led me to decide to present this shoot in full was seeing Gracen from all four camera angles & picking up many different nuances from the four cameras. Given Gracen’s musculature & skin tone combined with the lights & the massage oil, it’s pretty spectacular to see him ripple & wiggle, and from one camera you may not see his “goose bumps,” but from another camera, his “skin orgasms” pop off of the screen.

It is truly something to behold over the course of two & a half hours.

Finally, to speak to another point above, there is very little “palpable tension” in the room when Gracen & I film. I do my utmost prior to, during, & throughout our interaction after filming to assure him that I always intend to push his boundaries but never, ever intend to push him outside of his comfort zone (because the content is no longer erotic when that transpires). Thankfully, Gracen verbally expressed that he is open to trying anything once & will never say, “no.” I might get a “maybe” every once in a while.

Over the past 12 years whether on video or off, their willingness to sexplore & openness to allow me to lead Gracen & all of the CAUSA guys along their respective journey to sexual authenticity… Well, that’s all that I can expect & ask for…

As always, thank you for 12 years of your continued loyalty to & support of ClubamateurUSA.com.


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