CAUSA 514 Beau – Part 1

causaBeau | 27 | 5’10” | 200# | 6.5″ | Auburn Hair | Blue Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


Beau first appeared last November (’tis hard to believe that almost a year has passed), and in that time, we attempted to schedule his second shoot back in May. Unfortunately, Beau was in a horrendous motorcycle accident (not his fault & thankfully, he was wearing his helmet), and as a result, he ended up with a huge hematoma on his arse. I took to calling him my Hunch Butt of Notre Dame with his weekly pictorial check-ins to show me the progress of his healing.

Beau is back to 100% & looking good (although I was disappointed to see that he’d shaved his furry, Ginger chest), and based on his involuntary reactions during his first shoot, I knew that I was going to push his proverbial button more extensively this time around.

I’ll speak more to Beau’s reaction after part two airs, but I will say that from the very first moment that my finger penetrated Beau & began massaging his prostate, Beau’s already raging hardon began leaking precum like a sieve & continued throughout the time he was face down on the CAUSA massage table.


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