CAUSA 513 Peyton – Part 2

causaPeyton | 20 | 5’10” | 175# | 7.0″ | Brown Hair | Hazel Eyes | Gay, HOT, & Sexploring!


I’ve always instituted “the first rule of Fight Club” that is, “you don’t cum until I’m ready for you to cum.” Based on historical context dating all the way back to August 2003 & Damon’s first shoot to now, this most recent shoot with Peyton, I’ll be instituting “the second rule of Fight Club” that is, “if at any time during filming, you feel the need to pee, immediately tell me.” Because as I’m sure most of us have encountered at least one time in our lives, the urge to urinate tends to inhibit certain areas of sexual performance, shall we say.

Well, it wasn’t until the cameras stopped rolling that Peyton hopped up & exclaimed, “I gotta pee!”

Noooooooooow you tell me… 😛

It was Peyton’s need, unbeknownst to me, that caused what may be my first ejaculation faux pas. With toy inserted & stimulating his prostate, Peyton reached down to reposition the vibrator to apply more direct contact, and that’s when I let go of everything to give him control of the toy. I could then focus directly on his blossoming hardon (that “gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, right now” cock).

As circumstance would have it, we misread each other’s signals, and it wasn’t until I grabbed both handles, per se, and started the dialog to say, “take control of the toy,” that I felt a hardening & cum began oozing out of Peyton’s ever-stiffening cock.


I got tickled by the miscommunication & the proverbial misfire, but luckily, my quick reaction allowed Peyton to go onto sexperience an intense orgasm & ejaculation.

Out of 12 plus years & several hundred videos, sometimes… er… shit happens — figuratively, and in the literal sense, I’ll save that dialog for my future memoirs. 😉

In our post-massage, wrap-up conversation, I mentioned to Peyton that he not only seemed much more comfortable in his skin but also with anal play, he stated that in his year-long absence he had been seeing someone wherein he was able to “practice” being on the receiving end, so to speak.

In the CAUSA 513 Peyton – Part 1 storyboard I mentioned that on the day of this shoot, I encountered a kinder, gentler Peyton, and thankfully, this “new” hottie now knows why men have prostates & how to engage pleasure from his own.


CB ~ Casey Black ~ Messing. With. TexAZ. ©
P.S. Check out Peyton’s cock slithering its way back & forth across his lower abdomen after he came. That’s not something I ever recall seeing before, either. :)