CAUSA 512 Josh

causa.fwJosh | 30 | 6’2″ | 220# | 7.0″ | Brown Hair | Blue Eyes | Straight & Sexploring


Josh “is one big, hangin’ man” (to quote Nancy Beth in “Steel Magnolias”).

Wow… This has been a five-month process finally getting Josh on the CAUSA massage table after much back & forth, question after question, and getting cold feet, last week, when scheduled.

My original perception of Josh was completely off the mark, and he is the complete opposite of what I thought. For that, I owe him an apology because Josh is a quiet, reserved, & humble man. In fact, since the shoot, I’ve been trying to think if there’s another CAUSA model from the past 12 years who is as reserved as Josh. I can’t think of one…

This video is somewhat “old skool” CAUSA because in order to convince Josh to do the first shoot, I agreed to no penetration, and actually, it’s kind of refreshing to think in terms of a progressive series with ClubAmateurUSA’s newest straight stud. (Just planting a seed, folks, so ruminate on that.)

As for now, enjoy Josh’s CAUSA debut!

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